The Green Gallery Dispensary by BC Medical Marijuana is an organization dedicated to matching patients with medical marijuana products that will help increase their day to day enjoyment of life. Our group has a strong desire to influence political change that will eventually lead to the total access of marijuana products and medical marijuana being treated as any other prescription in the eyes of medical professionals.

We are proud to work with the leading licensed commercial producers in Canada. All of our marijuana products are Canadian made by producers who are quality tested on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on being a company that gets patients what they nee in a consistent, timely manner, and where quality is never sacrificed.

Our product line is always expanding and we genuinely love working with people and companies that share our business principles and political goals. Our offerings are always on the cutting edge of product availability. The line will be driven by our customers, if there is something one of our customers requests we will do everything in our power to fulfill that request.

green gallery dispensary

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